I got up this morning, and like many mornings started going to hundred miles per hour. I usually have oatmeal when I get to my office but don’t take time to actually cook a full breakfast. Startup Business 101It’s Saturday and I’m already starting off a little behind. So instead of having my normal oatmeal in the morning, I stopped at Burger King and got me my favorite breakfast, their croissant. At the end of my breakfast and I reached into the bag or a napkin and found a strip of paper. The piece of paper said now hiring closers, crew, shift leader competitive wages apply any gives a website along with the address of the location. I can tell that this piece of paper was cut by and the website was highlighted by then also. There is nothing about the strip of paper that says it was produced by corporate. 

This little piece of paper made me think. If I was a teenager, and I was looking for a job, what better way to get to me. I know most teenagers are afraid of corporate websites, long corporate applications, and corporate interviews were the fudge answers as much as possible because they just want the job. Putting a piece of paper to reach teenage markets for a job at Burger King inside of the food bag is a quite genius. Who else would you want to work at your restaurant than the people that are actually eating there? The story actually gets better. I went to the website and it is tailored for a very simplistic application. There are only several questions that they ask so that they can get you to come in for a sit-down interview and really focus on what matters in restaurants, and that’s personality and other non-quantifiable traits that you cannot record on an application.

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. Since the Internet has come out and we use social marketing for everything, Long gone are the days of just putting something in a newspaper or magazine to let people know what you do or what you sell. On the other hand, there are so many channels to ever ties your business that sometimes it can become confusing as to where best to put your marketing dollars.

Nowadays you are able to get very specific with your market and not just use a shotgun effect to see who reads you’re never Tisem it and is interested. This one thing the loan has changed the game dramatically when it comes to marketing. If you don’t start to tailor your message specifically to your market, you will go through a lot of marketing dollars and not be able to compete with the wiser and more teaching companies that Mark meeting with you. One of the nice things about social media, the Internet, and tools for specific target marketing is that you can now play with the big boys. Large companies spend millions of dollars a year to find out what their customers may want and how to market to them. It is very difficult for any larger company to be able to personalize their message because they are sometimes out of reach with them. You, on the other and are able to reach your demographics much easier. This becomes a very big advantage in your favor. It is now time for you to not just do mass marketing, use a shotgun approach, or just tell a lot of people and hope that somebody is interested in your company or what your company sales. Nowadays you can spend a little bit of time on the Internet, very quickly find out what your customers one, what improvements they want to see any possible like-minded similar product, or what you need to do differently to get their attention and to buy. There are many companies that have been created today no product at all and created one after finding out what the customer wanted through social media.

Seth Godin popularized the idea of creating tribes as a marketing tactic. The idea is to not try to have everyone follow you, but rather create a drive or a following of specifically designated people who will be your customers. This is a valuable lesson in today’s Internet world. You can spend $100,000 in marketing and get only a thousand customers if you are not doing strategic marketing. 

I know that talking about marketing may not be new to most of you. And you may be thinking, I already know this. However, most companies really don’t know how to use your teaching marketing vantage and what are the best tools to get the best results. Long gone are the days when you just ask your neighbor and Company what they use and you do the exact same thing. Long gone are the days when you have one successful marketing scheme tactic that can apply to everybody within your industry. You must now be very specific to what you do as an individual, why you do it, and where your company best serves its customers. We can have my companies doing the exact same thing, selling the exact same product, and each of them may be using different approaches to marketing based off of who they are as a company culture, who and how they want to serve their customers, and within what demographics do they want to focus.

So how does one know what is best for their company when it comes to marketing? As mentioned earlier, there are different marketing approaches to different companies, however, there are some very basic similarities and every company should take in order to be successful within their marketing campaign. First, you must do some research as to who your customer is going to be. This has to be done before one dollar is spent. 

This activity does not consist of reaching out and doing external research. At this stage in the game, you must sit down with the decision-makers of your company and figure out who are your customers. Be very specific. Figure out their age, where they live, how much money they make, what are your likes and dislikes. You must be able to shut your eyes and see very specifically what your customer looks like. Until you can do that you will not be able to do target marketing.

For the most part, people like to buy and not be sold something. If you have ever gone into an Apple Store, you will find that there are no people trying to offer hard sales of products to you. There are just people with checkout machines around them, who are able to offer you a lot of information about the products that you are seeing. Startup Business 101The store was created so that people could go in and experienced Apple products for themselves before they bought. When you decide to buy a product, there are very little to no upsell’s done, they do not bug you about other promotions that are coming down the road or a card to sign up for, and they do not want any personal information outside of maybe email address so that they can email you your receipt. This approach goes against the majority when it comes to retail marketing and product selling. However, Apple buyers are very unique. The Apple company has created that perfect drive that we were speaking of earlier. They know their market very well. They know what their customer wants and does not want. And they know their customer so well that they know what their customer wants before their customer does. 

Apple continues to be at the top of their game because they continue to do a lot of research in their markets. They spend a lot of time with the end-user to find out how the product is being used, why it is being used that way, and how they can improve their product to improve the experience that the customer has when using something they sold to them.

Gary Vaynerchuk once said in one of his podcast that you were better off to spend money on employees answering customers questions on Twitter than to advertise on TV. I support that statement 1000%. If you want to know what your customers are bonding, figure out what channels they used to communicate. If your customers are on Twitter, reach out to them and ask. If your customers use Facebook, reach out to them and ask. If your customers are on Instagram, reach out to them and ask. I think you’re getting the point here. The worst thing that entrepreneurs do is think they know what the customer wants. Most people don’t ever really think of why they buy a product until someone actually asked them. If the person buying a product really never thought about it, and couldn’t give you an answer unless they were had time to think about it, it’s a little bit arrogant a bus to think that we know why they bought or want to buy our product.

A large portion of the decision-making process in buying a product has to do with the way that the product was marketed to them. My by my name Brandon workout gear because the commercials make it so appealing to wear their clothing. When you really think about it, we all buy our products because we feel as if they are tailored to us in some way or fashion. The companies we bought those products is such a great job and marketing to us that we felt that the product was made specifically to us or at least people like us. These companies were also able to reach us because they took the time to figure out how we like to be advertised too.

If you want to sell me something, or offer me a product so that I can buy it, the worst thing that you can do is make a commercial and put it on TV. I loathe commercials. I paid extra for online streaming networks so that I do not have to waste time watching commercials. So if you want to get a hold of me, you may want to put your advertisement in a podcast, some educational meeting piece that I am interested in, or have somebody then I respect you greatly endorse your product. In a bass moving these were old people are less likely to watch TV commercials, read full newspapers, or pay attention to non-specific marketing in a magazine.

Again, do some research and find out how your customers buy their products. Get inside their head and figure out what they do on a daily basis, what they see on a daily basis, what they read, and what process they use when producing a product.

If you haven’t already realized, doing research before you spin real marketing dollars is extremely important. Once you figure out who your customer is, how they eat, sleep, read, and most importantly how they make their purchasing decisions, then you are ready to offer them a product. 

Some of the same tools that you used to do research on your potential customers are the same ones that you want to use to offer those products. If I used Twitter to reach out and find out what my customers want it, it would be wise to go back to the same customers and let them know you created the product that they said they wish existed. StartupBusiness101.comThey are more likely to buy a product that they in someway felt they had A part in creating. They are also more likely to tell others about this product, because, If you truly took their input into consideration the green product, they will feel like this product was custom-made for them. And in turn, because the product works for Will for them, they will become rating Ben’s until others. 

As of this publication, Facebook has become a large moving force to be reckoned with. I know someone who created a very large T-shirt company just on Facebook. They now have a website but in the beginning, it was only on Facebook. They used Facebook to build a Facebook page, they created a Facebook following within a private group. They used Facebook to do all the research. They used Facebook ever size of their product. And they used Facebook to make meet in sales. The company that I’m speaking about is by no means a small company anymore. What this company did so well, and they will tell you if you ask them, is they took time to figure out what their customer wanted. Most of their customers use Facebook all the time. They knew that their demographics were purchasing things online, especially on their phones. Based off of their research, they knew what the customer wanted in a T-shirt quality, and design. They even had some of their beginning customers great designs that they would like to see on their shirts. They continue this approach just on a much more strategic scale. If you knew exactly what your customers wanted, what they’re willing to pay for it, and how much you could cello that one specific product before you ever created, would that be something that would be useful for you? In today’s market, with today’s research tools, and the ease of using the Internet, this is very possible.

In a nutshell, you want to bring your product to wear your customer is and not try to bring your customer to wear your product is. This is a simple lesson that is often overlooked. People are tired of having to tailor their lives so that they can use your problem. Customers are now wanting to feel much more special. They want to know that the company cares about them individually. They want to know that you took the time to Taylor something specifically for them, even in just theory, and that you were delivering it to them or they are in the stage of their life.  

If you were trying to sell technology, something to the younger generation, or people that are computer savvy, it would be wise to use in the Internet and social media tools. If you are tutoring to an older generation, or someone who values in the written word, you may want to use print advertising. If you are selling a product that is tailored to kids, you may want to advertise on TV between cartoons, or the latest popular show. And if you are selling large ticket items like ours, there’s nothing better than commercials on the radio because car buyers are driving their vehicles as they listen to your advertisement. Remember that you must meet people where they are. What better way to sell a car to a person is already driving one. If they’re frustrated with the vehicle driving and listening to the radio about what we could sell you have on a new car, they are much likely to be attending.

There are several ways to find out if your marketing is being successful. One of the best ways, if you are having one on one interaction with the customer, just asks how they heard about you. If you are good at market segmentation, you can get very specific in what marketing Avenue new customer came from. 

If you do not have direct contact with the customer while marketing, selling, and servicing your product, you can use online tools that can get very specific to wear year dollars are being most successful. StartupBusiness101.comNowadays you can even find out how much time a person spends on one particular page or marketing approach. You can see how much time they spent reading about one product or service, how long they took to check out, and even cross reference if they signed up for a newsletter or used a specific coupon code.

Marketing is no longer some gray matter that exists within your company but no one knows if it is being produced. Marketing is no longer something he cannot be measured. Everything today has a return on investment that can be measured. Take some time within your business to do the research that is needed. The more research you do in the beginning, the more successful you will be in selling your products when you put them into implementation.

There is no doubt that there is an artful sign to marketing. But before you do the research on how best to make your advertisements, or marking campaigns, you must first know your customer and how to reach them. Once you know that, then it’s time to move on to the marketing.

We and Startup Business 101 like the idea that we are helping you. Continue to let us know how we can best serve you and your company. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like additional information, please do not hesitate to let us know. We thank you for Setting an example, being one of the few that got off the couch and did something and making The difference in this world through your company.

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THE WAY OF MARKETING I got up this morning, and like many mornings started going to hundred miles per hour. I usually have oatmeal when

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THE WAY OF MARKETING I got up this morning, and like many mornings started going to hundred miles per hour. I usually have oatmeal when

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